Endless Aisle

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Endless Aisle

IXFocus’ Extended Aisle is a powerful solution for retailers who have to juggle between offering variety of products in limited spaces; enabling them to save huge costs on inventory, display and rentals. This interactive solution helps customers browse through products and details and place an order. The products can then be delivered at their doorstep; making it a seamless experience.

  • It eliminates the need for retailer to carry product inventory.
  • By offering a large assortment of product, it can be a one-stop shopping experience for customers.
  • Implementing an extended aisle allows retailers to have the freedom to offer a product catalogue of any size without space constraint. With a larger and more diverse product catalogue, retailers can use better cross-selling techniques and give more product recommendations.

What makes endless aisle click? A raft of benefits comes with the strategy.

Fashion retailers can downsize the unnecessary floor area of the store. This kind of trimming helps beef-up sales per square foot. This is especially advantageous when the market is in the doldrums. In fact during the economic downturn in 2008, retailers have learnt the hard way to trim the store size.

As conversion rate gets bolstered due to the enhanced shopping ambience of the store, customer fidelity continues to move northward.

In-store revenue bleeding as a result of showrooming can be effectively counteracted by the implementation of endless aisle.

Dependence on warehouses to stack-up products is reduced to a large extent. Retailers are increasingly entering into tie-ups with manufacturers to ship items directly to consumers from manufacturers end. Also, with the advent of endless aisle retailers are saved from the pain of displaying large products physically at the store. This helps in discontinuation of products that have very low inventory turnover ratio.

Endless aisles are here to stay. Make use of analytics and technology to display only the fastest moving items, while offering the not-so-popular merchandise through kiosks, tablets, or computers so that customers can try and buy at the same time. Are you ready to offer endless product assortment to your customers?

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