Digital Building Directory

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Digital Building Directory

Digital Building Directory Too often, property and facilities managers struggle to keep their traditional building directories attractive and updated. As a result, visitors are left frustrated.

IXFocus Digital building directories solves this dilemma by transforming a drab list of names and locations to colorful, dynamic and interactive presentation.


Additional benefits of a digital building directory include:

Cost Efficient

Unlike physical directories that require expensive parts or specialized training to alter, a digital lobby directory can be updated remotely from any internet enabled computer through our user friendly content management system.

Assistive Widgets

The digital building directory software is customizable with a wide range of widgets that display up-to-the-minute information in real time.

Zoned templates to display multiple media on screens

Unlike regular building directories, contents can be scheduled based on multiple screens based on location and timings.

Easy to use

Using the latest in touchscreen technologies, even the technologically challenged can quickly orient themselves using our intuitive digital directory board.

Easy to install and update

Launching this application is easy as pie. The entire process can be done remotely over a decent internet connection. Expert hands on deck and no hassle for the client.

Remote Management

Updating the application does not require a technician at site. All updating can be done remotely, be it a minor addition or major overhaul.

Centralized Control

The Building Directory application can be controlled by a centralized CMS which can be used even by a tech rookie.

Targeted Messaging

Demographic patterns can have a major impact on marketing. For facilities which see regular, consistent changes in clientele at different times of day, a digital building directory can be automated to ensure the most effective messaging is delivered to each target audience. Post up-to-the minute business hours for tenants. Information about scheduled or unscheduled closings can be delivered to an electronic building directory in real time.

Dynamic digital signage building directories communicate a clear, consistent message providing directional and navigational assistance to guests. With a digital building directory sign, property managers can:

  • List tenants using their corporate logos for brand reinforcement.
  • Display floor plans to illustrate the layout of the building.
  • Post leasing information to attract new tenants.
  • Sell ad space to tenants.
  • Post important announcements.
  • Add a welcome message to impress visitors. Nothing makes a guest feel more welcome than personalized messaging.
  • Take advantage of multi-language support so guests can easily access important information in the format that’s best for them, eliminating confusion and freeing up support staff to provide assistance to other visitors.

Projects Delivered: