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Modeling your architectural project in 3D and texturing


Depending on your assets, we may not have to build your model from the ground up. If you already have a 3D model from CAD, Sketchup or another 3D program, chances are we can use that as a base model. If, however, you only have elevations, sketches or blueprints, we’ll have to build everything, and the more information you can provide for us, the quicker we can turn your plans into a finished architectural rendering.

Building the Base Mesh

After evaluating your assets,
we build all your geometry

First, we need to create your geometry.Depending on what we need to build, we will use either polygons or NURBS. CAD outputs spline-based geometry, and depending on what we need to do, we may need to convert your curve data into polygons. We typically do this for texturing purposes. If you’re going to have your model printed with a 3D printer, your entire model will need to be converted to polygons.

In order to review your project, we create a unique username and password allowing you to access your project page. You can leave comments right on the website and always know that status of your project. Once you sign off on the geometry, we move to texturing.

Adding Textures

Adding basic textures to your architectural rendering projectYour architectural rendering starts looking better and better

Next we add textures and materials. We only use real world physically accurate architectural shaders for our building materials. In order to get the most accurate results, you will need to provide a materials call-out list so we can be sure to create all your specific materials for all the geometry. The renders will start looking better since, to view your textures properly, we need to employ higher quality render settings.

For this stage, we need to know the time of day and general lighting conditions. For instance, after noon, clear skies, or late afternoon with light cumulus. Or you can leave the weather up to us.

What if you change your mind? Will it cost anything extra? The short answer is probably. We start with the big items, and work our way down. We rough out the shape of your building, and block out the site map. At this point, if you change your mind about the shape of the windows, it adds nothing to your production time or cost since we have not models any windows yet. If, however, we have modeled everything, you’ve signed off on the geometry and we’ve moved to texturing or environment creation and the building’s shape needs changed, or another five stories are added, then yes, we will need to adjust your total. We stop production and workup a change order and new total.

Changing the plans often results from viewing the final render. There’s nothing like studying a high resolution photo accurate rendering of your project to really see where changes might be helpful. It’s part of the creative process.

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