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Fully immersive 3D environment creation


After your model and textures have been finalized, we turn to your environment creation. Your new construction does not exist in the vacuum of space (although we’d love to create some cool spaceships). Your model needs to exist within “real” space. There are several options for this.

Photographic background plates. Using existing high resolution photography, we can render your model on a background plate, matching perspective, color, lighting and shadows. If you have survey data, this will help matching the exact perspective and scale. This may be the most photo-realistic option, but often, the background photography does not exit. So we need to make the environment.

architectural rendering exampleSurrounding structures can be as detailed or stripped down as needed.Option two is to only create what is on the immediate lot or site and then crop the image close enough so the frame is full. This is probably the most popular choice. If you need a wider shot, we can either increase the modeling of the surrounding area, filling it with buildings, plants and props, or leave the area open. Any photographic reference you can give on the surrounding site will help add to the realism of the final shot.

Adding to the realism can also add to the price. So plan ahead of time how much environment and the level of detail you’re going to need.

The third option to creating your digital environment is a combination of photos and 3D content. Your aesthetic values and project’s details will dictate choices like this. We enjoy the challenge of fully immersive 3D environment creation and looking forward to working with to create just the right look.

final 200Final architecural render with immersive 3D environmentFinally, with your environment created, we render out the final passes. Getting a good render requires multiple specialized passes and compositing techniques.

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