Smart Home Automation

With home automation systems, you can forever banish concerns over unnecessary home energy expenditures and stop wondering whether or not you locked the front door. These high-tech solutions can help make your home into a smart home. In fact, a smart home system can control every light, appliance and compatible peripheral in your home.

This burgeoning industry has spawned a choice selection of products from several respected manufacturers. IXFocus has compiled a list of the best home automation systems available and ranked them based on their performance in a variety of categories to suit your home needs.

IXFocus delivers cutting edge Home Automation Solutions for your home. Home Automation design is something we lay a lot of emphasis on as it has long lasting impact. Our engineers focus on providing a solution that is aimed at an open protocol and provides the most efficient use of technology. We work with both private and commercial developers to create stunning installations that increase property value, differentiate houses from surrounding properties and enhance the lives of the people who live and work in them.

Our range of systems has been designed to the highest architectural specifications and represents the best products on the market today, in terms of price, functionality, customization and flexibility.

Smart City Developments

IXFocus provides Advisory & Consulting services for Smart Living and Integrated Lifestyle Solutions. Our expertise in Smart Home Solutions and Home Automation stems from our intricate involvement in prestigious development projects throughout the UAE. IXFocus handles the complete design for the entire master plan in terms of creating the next generation infrastructure, integrated community services and other smart lifestyle solutions which delivers unique offerings to the community and the customer. We also manage the entire project throughout the lifecycle including planning, concept, design and supervision.

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Integrated LifeStyle Residential Solutions

Our strategic partnership with Etisalat and UTT allows us to easily serve large master developments or even entire cities and communities.

IXFocus designs and delivers the integrated solutions for high end residential villas, palaces and apartments. The systems are :

Home Automation

We install technology that controls all electrical functions in your home – from lighting and sound, to curtains and shutters, and climate control. All done with one simple command, exactly the way you like it.

Audio Visual

With music being an integral part of the ambience of the home, IXFocus will provide you with the perfect design for your audio requirements around the house. With the addition of distributed audio you can have your whole music collection available at the touch of a button in any room required. HD Video, TV and satellite pictures can be distributed from a central location across the building and made available at every television. Also, centrally stored movies can be distributed from a hard drive to each screen.

Intelligent Dimming Systems

We work with reliable partners that are updated with the industry to provide you cost effective and energy efficient dimming solutions for your home.

Personalized Home Cinemas & Seating

From LED screens to custom installed projection systems, IXFocus' award winning custom cinema installation and design team will provide you with the ultimate home theater experience. From full HD picture quality, 3D and 4K, alongside a mind blowing sound system, to the bespoke design of interiors and furniture, IXFocus will install, test and set up your cinema to cater for your every desire.

Integrated Security Systems

At a touch of a button you can link your automated system to CCTV around and in your home, office or building. This can be remotely accessed using a smart phone or tablet.

Network Infrastructure

Ensuring proper WiFi and network access throughout your home is critical and IXFocus' team of experts will design the network infrastructure to suit your needs.

Lighting, Blinds & AC Control

We can offer a reliable and effective control system to control your climate and blinds or window dressings. On wall smart switches combine the control of lighting presets, blinds, drapes and HVAC with LED temperature display which can be used alongside Ipad control.

Personalized UI

We understand that your home has to be personal and why shouldn't your home automation products be the same way ? Our team of engineers customizes every aspect of your home automation to make it personal right from the control UIs to the look and feel of your home

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