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Our Interactive Kiosk Dubai is the ultimate digital signage solution. Our Interactive kiosk dubai this unit has the largest space for corporate branding dubai.

The Interactive Kiosk dubai can hold almost any piece of equipment you might need. It comes standard with a single touch screen mounted above a large front panel. This system can hold a laser printer with optional add-on rear body piece and touch screen.

In the niche industry of BTL solution providers, IXFocus stands tall among its competition with years of valuable experience and a fresh approach to design and manufacturing. More importantly, attention to detail and focus in delivering the right design at the right point of time increases our credibility in the industry.

Our commitment to impeccable design and quality of production has made us the premier solution provider in the Middle East for the BTL industry. Our tireless work has garnered us enough experience and expertise in the field to create a long list of happy clients and satisfied partners.

We deal in design and manufacture of Interactive KiosksPortable Displays, Visual Merchandising Aids & AccessoriesDigital Signage NetworksOutdoor Signage and so on.

Our long track record in this niche BTL industry helps us eliminate the trial and error phase and follow tested and efficient manufacturing practices. This makes us a strong online resource visited mainly by top professionals in the field. Hence, we combine production experience with material expertise and knowledge of the up-to-the-minute innovation in the industry.

Specialist designers with creative and intelligent ideas coupled with material expertise make us an unquestionable presence in the field. This is the main reason why we were able to execute multinational projects across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, especially quality stringent biggies.

Our strategic partnerships with renowned manufacturers, agents, exporters and suppliers from the European Union (EU), US and Far Eastern region ensure our clients the most up-to-date and instant solution for their specific requirements that set us apart from competitors.

From design and production to supply and installation, everything comes under one roof. This makes us the one-stop-shop for all things in the industry. We avoid run-of-the-mill designs to constantly come up with innovative and refreshing ideas that allow your company to stand out from the others.

  • Employ Interactive Kiosks to do everything from simply providing information to offering full fledged payment systems and self service kiosks.
  • Customized content and applications ensure your kiosk efficiently handles your requirement in an engaging, user-friendly solution.
  • Manage multiple kiosks easily from a central location using our customized software and network.
  • Generate substantial revenue through advertising when your kiosk is not in use.
  • Save your customers time and your company money by lowering labor costs with an effective interactive kiosk.
Way Finding Kiosks

These are directory information kiosks that help visitors find their way to their destination quickly without waiting for help from staff. Used in malls, hospitals and other large establishments, wayfinder kiosks are not very tough to plan, design and execute.

Ready Kiosks

Ready to run kiosk is just that. They are ready to be attached and it just has to be set up and operation can be started at once. It is easy to set up and most of the additional attachments are already fixed.

Check-in Kiosks

This is the sure shot way of cutting down labour cost and also reducing operational costs and errors ,airline or railway check-in kiosk are usually custom designed due to its specific project nature.

Photo Kiosks

IXFocus is equipped to provide a full line of multifunction photo kiosks with creative photo and printing solutions, internet etc with a small footprint.

Kiosk Components

We are partnered with renowned suppliers and manufacturers of kiosks and their components to offer our clients only the latest configurations and multiple functional modes.

Innovative Kiosks

Only IXFocus is equipped to give you innovative custom designed ‘green’ kiosks that are beneficial to the deployers and the environment.

Marketing Kiosks

Marketing kiosks are essentially promotional tools and do not directly sell products. So they have to work extra hard to attract users. At IXFocus we will provide top notch marketing kiosks that are perfect for industries like travel and tourism, real estate and other businesses.

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