Our hologram technology pushes boundaries and expectations, and provides that extra wow factor to captivate your audiences. With our groundbreaking 3D holographic projection technique, your event will never be forgotten.

Working with us and our unique technology we will bring your vision to life. MDH will help you create a stunning experience for your audiences.

Seeing is believing.

  • Holographic Projections Deliver a one of a kind experience for your audience using Holographic Projections
  • Whether it’s a life size on-stage presentation, or a simpler freestanding cheoptic hologram, we will work closely together to determine the best holographic solution for your project.
  • Holographic Projections throughout every step, IXFocus will guide your Holographic Projections from conceptualization to implementation.

Holographic Projections it’s a life size on-stage presentation, or a simpler freestanding cheoptic hologram, we will work closely together to determine the best holographic solution for your project.

What is Holographic Projections?

Holography is a technique that allows the light scattered from an object to be recorded and later reconstructed.
The technique to optically store, retrieve, and process information.
Preserve the 3-D information of a holographed subject

Why Holographic Projections?

A high resolution three dimensional recording of an object, Glasses free 3D display, No need for projection screen, Life like images, Interactive display

Holographic Technology and Spectral Imagining has endless applications, as far as the human mind can imagine, In future, holographic displays will be replacing all present displays in all sizes, from small phone screen to large projectors


IXFocus can provide full service for 3D modelling, rendering and animation 100% in house. Our capabilities include creation of animated video sequences and also interactive content.

In all circumstances, IXFocus is on hand throughout the content creation process to ensure the highest level of quality possible. Although the production process is streamlined and controlled, all projects are seen as unique; one client may need a 3D-scan of an object, one may have their own content creation in-house, another may simply wish to communicate a concept or an idea through the use of particle animation. However, as long as the IXFocus content guide and production guidelines are held, the end result will always be a real eye-catcher.

Cheoptics 360 is a holographic experience based on revolving 3D animations or special video sequences.

The image generation principle based on mirror reflections, screen and player system is encased inside a compact display stand. It is built from high quality materials: steel, aluminum, and glass, making it both sturdy and easy to transport and install, a true plug-and-play solution.

Cheoptics 360, So far the best hologram technology that you can use for retail environments, exhibitions and product launches.

Combine the real and the hologram!

The FLARE system combines real objects and holographic content in a single device.
Thanks to its large active surface, the display allows customers to create scenarios in line with the brand in and around their core products.

There is simply no comparable system that combines content and design and a catchy huge variety of applications.

With the FLARE system you can make animations with many objects and create a unique experience for your customers. You may can use this kind of technology to illuminate the sets of outlets, showrooms and exhibitions stands.

Imagine having a staff, on duty 24x7x365, without interruption, coffee breaks, holidays, complaints, no HR problem, no wages … and despite of all of that, always smiling, available, efficient, happy to serve, welcoming and inviting your customers. Is that a dream…or a Virtual hostess?

This 2D hologram hostess is strikingly life-like video image rear- projected on to a human shaped silhouette made of thin laser cut custom-made light conducting acrylic. The idea behind virtual hostess is to give directions in a more eye-catching and easier for customers to understand than traditional electronic display terminals. This 21st century technology is also a way to expose the modernity of the client to its guests. This is the first form of the Star Wars hologram.

Such hostesses have been installed summer 2011 in Paris Orly Airport as well as in London Luton as pilot projects. In UAE, you may have probably seen these hostesses in Dubai Airport. In both cases, it is seen as an enhancement of the Services indicating the Direction to the gate, the boarding time or the latest Security rules when a person; for instance. This technology may be used in airport, event, exhibitions and company’s hall.

Visioline is a system similar to Cheoptics 360 but with one face projection.
The system is composed of polymeric glass with a unique and special screen that can be used on stages of all sizes and all types of events. Each systems is tailored as per customer’s requirements.

This technology may be used in many applications such as entertainment, exhibitions and product launches.

Free format is a special transparent canvas on which people and products appear in 3D or real size (perfect reproduction of image).
The light and stage environment work together to create an incredibly realistic illusion, where foreground, middle and background merge together.
Free Format is offering a unique because hologram seems floating in the air.

Easy and fast installation, you can use it in many applications such as fashion shows, events, shops windows display, automotive shows and corporate presentations.

VideoLogo is a way to animate a company logo to catch customers and persons attention anywhere. This technology is a 3D content projection to live a logo and a motto.

VideoLogo may be used in many applications such as exhibitions, shop, street-displays, malls, airports, convention center and company’s hall.

Imagine a hologram floating in the air.
Support less technology is the closest kind of hologram that people can imagine. This technology is very innovative in our hologram series. Very easy to install you can put Support Less in every possible place.

It is one interactive and entertaining product addition to your exhibitions, events and showroom. Support less is definitively a state of the art product to attract your customers.

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