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IXFocus helps you reflect your brand identity and convey your business messages in visually appealing ways. Digital signage and video wall elements have become very prominent marketing tools for modern enterprises. If you too are looking for attractive, robust and cost-effective digital signage in Dubai, you are at the right place! Our proprietary digital signage platform DiSign allows you to manage a network of screens and design exquisite content on cloud or on-premise.

At IXFocus, we blend the best of technology with artistic designs to give you bespoke digital signage and video walls in Dubai, UAE. We use a wide range of LED, LCD and plasma techniques to fabricate elegant and useful digital signage in UAE for your exclusive brands. With a team of experienced AV technology experts and signage designers, we give you a full range of products with the best blend of technology and creativity. The days of traditional signage have become a thing of the past. Digital Signage helps companies stand out from the crowd with head turning content and crystal clear resolution.

Digital Signage Solution Dubai

From restaurants and hotels to retail showrooms, hypermarkets, media rooms and surveillance rooms, our team has full-range of digital signage products for video wall in Dubai, UAE for all classes of businesses and organizations in the Emirates. Multiple signage screens can be integrated into a network using our customized software allowing for central management while also being more efficient and cost effective in the long term than traditional signage systems.


Engage Customers

Engage your audience with a constant stream of unique content and information. Use Interactive Touch Screens to attract and grip your target audience.

Easily Manage Content

Easily update and customize hundreds of screens from a central location with a few clicks.

Interactive Way Finding

Help your clients find their way with Wayfinding Digital Signage Solutions. Whether it’s a Shopping Mall, Hospital, School, or any other large facility, customized Wayfinding Solutions are one of our many areas of expertise.

IXFocus is a well reputed Digital Signage Company in Dubai and our digital signage products for video display wall for hotels, restaurants and eateries become visual statements to give an edge of refinement and distinction to business premise. Our digital signage and video wall solution is also compatible with our queue management system. You may want to update and convey instant promotion messages, put lively menu boards or simply improve the quality of visitor experience at your property – we will give you tailored solutions for your requirement! Premium hotels use our digital signage in Dubai to add more elegance and style to high traffic zones including entrance areas, reception lobbies and walkways.

Retail digital signage in Dubai and video wall in Dubai, UAE solutions offered by IXFocus include branding videos and interactive graphic interfaces to create the impact that you want. We help our clients improve their conversion rates with interactive product information and assorted signage and video wall products in Dubai. With our array of commercial LCD, plasma displays and kiosk signage, you build consistent branding programs across all your business locations in UAE. We will discuss your network digital solutions to offer products tailored your needs and preferences.

Industries where Digital Signage are applied:

Visual communications lets you inform your passengers at every stop in the airport.

Provide your customers with an engaging shopping experience by showcasing vehicle details.

Grab the attention of your students and visitors while simultaneously improving faculty communication.

A visually appealing visual communication system can help direct visitors, display events and more.

Improve overall guest experience on-ship by providing the information they need.

Ensure you display engaging and informative content with applications built specifically for financial institutions.

Organizations are using digital signage networks to boost performance and cultivate culture.

Improve your guest experience and player loyalty with digital signage.

Increase safety, boost efficiency and improve government operations with digital signage.

Offer additional information to ease confusion and improve the overall experience at your healthcare facility.

Improve guest satisfaction and increase revenue by helping your guests navigate throughout your property

With inventory monitoring, KPI metrics, Andon boards and more, digital signs will become your biggest asset.

Increase loyalty and drive repeat visits by providing visitors with the information they need.

Take your multi-channel retail strategy to the next level with visual communications.

Digital signage for stadiums comes in all shapes and sizes, to communicate both in the arena and outside.

What sets IXFocus apart from traditional signage solution providers is the approach we take. We understand that one solution doesn't fit all. Our experience in digital signage industry spanning over 22 years gives you the transparency and reliability that you need to identify the right solutions for your business. We identify the right solution from the top leading industry products based on your requirements. Some of the products we deal with are – 


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