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Accessing your assets and making a construction plan

The first step in beginning any arch viz project is understanding. Every architectural visualisation project is unique, as is the pricing. We try and make this fist step as painless as possible, but we need a thorough understanding of what the finished project needs to be and what we have to work with before we can estimate your project’s cost and time. It goes without saying that cost will scale down as we’re provided with assets. Napkin sketches cost more. (Sorry bar artists).

We like to work in reverse. So first we need to know what you need. Typically our deliverables sound something like this:

5 high resolution stills, each one showing a different side of the entire building from the street, eye level with the fifth image showing the overall site shot from high oblique angle. The building needs to be set within a digital environment with trees, streets and minimal geometry (no textures) on surrounding buildings.

Time of day should be late afternoon (almost sunset) with long shadows to accentuate buildings exterior lighting.

Next, we need a brief description of what the project is.

And finally, what do we have to work with? What kind of drawings, sketched or digital files do you have? Do you have source images of the materials you’re using? In some cases, we’ll ask to see the actual digital assets before finalizing our bid.

Ready to start? Just send us an email or call. It’s really that simple.

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