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First of all, we're not architects. We're digital artists and technical illustrators who have a keen understanding of the terms, needs and requirements of the architectural field. 3D Renderings While we have no idea if your building will survive an earthquake, we can certainly shake, rattle and roll your marketing and presentations with our impressive 3D Rendering services. We're not competition. We're your partner, working for your greater success.

3D Renderings & Animaation in today’s highly competitive real estate markets, your building and architectural projects demand highly effective, professional sales tools and marketing assets designed to fit specific needs and demographics. Communicating your architectural vision effectively, clearly and artistically is what we do. 3D Renderings – IXFocus understands the often subtle nuances and needs of your marketing and communication materials. We start with breath-taking 3D photo realistic renderings that can be re-purposed for print, web and multimedia. With ten years worth of 3D Renderings asset creation behind us, and over 20 years of advertising and marketing design, we bring a wealth of resources to your project to help ensure we stay on budget and on time and your project is successful.

  • Captivate potential customers and investors with photo realistic 3D Renderings & Visualizations of your development project.
  • Paint the ideal picture of your project. Highlight design features and showcase your project’s amenities and location.
  • Our expertise in the UAE market ensures realistic environments and features unique to the region including accurate demographics, landscaping features, and background scenery.
  • Unlike our Chinese competitors, communication is crystal clear with IXFocus 3D Renderings. Our team will meet with you in person to understand the intricate details of the project to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • We continuously update our clients with work-in-progess images throughout the project and ensure any necessary alterations are implemented as intended.

3D Renderings and animation are just part of what we do, as behind the scenes is a flexible and fast process of shaping projects from apartments to resorts and all the way to entire cities. You could say we simulate finished projects and the 3D Renderings and animations are just a gorgeous by-product of a perfect model. Its your fast track to shaping up ideas and proposals with stunning realism while remaining flexible and having the data needed to assist in investment, viability and sales projections – a system that backs you up from land acquisition through to sales.

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